Myths & Goals

Myths & Goals

Dive Team Myths

My child loves to watch the divers. Unfortunately, he/she cannot be on the team because he/she does not know how to dive.
Diving practices are instructional in nature. The children compete at their own level of proficiency. Our coaches train new divers before any poor habits develop.

My child could never be on the swim and dive teams. That would be impossible.
NOT TRUE!Β  We work around swim team and, in fact, many of the divers are on the swim team too.

My child may get hurt if he/she is on the dive team.
The fact is that you will probably allow your child to use the diving board while at the pool to play. Statistics show that a child who is properly trained and instructed in diving will be less likely to injure him/herself because he/she knows proper board safety.

Dive Team Goals

Our aim is to provide beginner divers with a strong foundation by teaching basic fundamentals. The goal with the novice program is to have fun learning the fundamentals of diving while eventually, and at an individual pace, progressing each diver to a competitive level and move to the advanced team. For more advanced divers our aim is to continue building upon the diver’s basic foundation while providing a fun, yet serious practice environment, designed to guide each diver to reaching their highest potential in the areas of training and competitiveness.

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