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Tennis Information

Tennis Court Hours
7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

We have two beautiful tree-surrounded tennis courts. RVA has an active tennis community and a number of tennis instructors who teach group and individual lessons for all ages. We strive to maintain our courts in excellent condition and we have tennis lights that allow for excellent vision for evening play all year.

Court Reservations
Courts may be reserved online here.

Tennis Rules and Regulations
It is the intent of RVA to utilize the tennis courts for single or doubles tennis play and tennis instruction. The “honor system” is to be used for the regulation of play on the courts. The courts may be closed from time to time for special RVA-sponsored events, required maintenance, and/or for tennis clinics or tournaments.

In order to provide a safe and orderly tennis environment, members and their invited guests or approved Child Care Providers must comply with the following list of rules and use basic common sense to address other unforeseen circumstances not specifically listed below. Close supervision and courteous and respectful behavior should govern all actions. 

Play is available year round to members in good standing provided that the following rules are followed and a valid reservation exists: 

Reservation rules:
•  Members may reserve up to three hours per day
•  Reservations can be made up to 4 weeks in advance

•  Members may NOT reserve two courts concurrently (if you reserve two courts concurrently, one or both reservations may be cancelled)
•  Non-member guests are allowed but MUST be accompanied by a current member at all times.

The following is not permitted on the tennis courts:
•  Climbing, hanging or swinging on nets, court fencing or doors;
•  Bikes, scooters, rollerblades or other play items that may cause damage to the court surface;
•  Shoes other than non-marking, flat-soled athletic shoes;
•  Glass containers, bottle caps, aluminum flip tops, or food;
•  Audible radios or televisions;
•  Distracting behavior such as yelling or arguing;
•  Non-playing unattended children; and/or,
•  Unsportsmanlike conduct.

Court Etiquette
Tennis court use is only for racket sports, except for approved RVA-sponsored events. In addition to courteous, respectful behavior toward others on the courts, players should work to ensure that the courts remain safe and clean for everyone to enjoy. Players must close the door when entering and exiting the courts. No food or drinks other than water/sports drinks are allowed. No pets are allowed inside the fenced area of the tennis courts. 

RVA does not have trash collection for the tennis courts. Players must remove their trash and debris from the court after finishing play, including tennis ball cannisters.

Appropriate Attire
Appropriate attire will be defined as athletic wear, including shirts, as well as shoes designed for tennis. Bare feet, sandals, flip-flops and shoes that can mar the playing surface are not permitted. 

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